Do You Have the Top 8 Components for Effective Customer Relation Management & Enterprise Resource Planning?

Do you know what CRM and ERP stand for?

They are acronyms for the key platforms that are the infrastructure for companies with the highest performance level in today’s business world.

I’m talking about companies like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, Tesla, SpaceX, and Facebook. These are the “best-in-class” in their industries and the most successful enterprises in worldwide business.

These are the companies that have effectively captured their markets with amazing technological systems and customized software to accomplish and do just about anything they want.

How Do They Do It?

Please let me explain. My name is Steven Malca and I am what you might call a coding genius when it comes to creating custom software and integrated business systems. I don’t say this out of ego, but I say it only because that is what it takes to deliver on the promise I make with the business owners I work with.

My company is called MalcaCorp, and we deliver “best-in-class” enterprise CRM and ERP systems for savvy, ambitious business leaders who are on a mission to be the best, most efficient, most profitable companies in their industry and in the world.

My job is to propel their companies into the future with an economy of force and utilization of the most advanced, most reliable computerized operations available.

Automate Every Contact & Transaction

CRM stands for Customer Relations Management. It is the technology used to automate every contact and transaction you have with your customers.

Get the Most out of Everything You Do!

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and it is the benchmark for maximizing everything you’ve got to get the most out of everything you do.

What Makes CRM & ERP Possible?

Data management, automation, and resource planning determine the present and the future of your business success and daily operations. Effectively combined they can increase your lead generation and revenue while maximizing your array of resources.

All it takes is customized CRM and ERP systems developed exclusively to meet your company’s exact needs. This is achieved through carefully coded customized software that can automate all the detail work, perform statistical heavy-lifting, and present your data to help you navigate a clear pathway to sustainable success.

Top 8 Key Concepts of Development

It’s easy to do if you are committed to developing the following 8 key components:

1. Quality

We design all custom software with the highest industry standards with a laser focus on design, increased usability on all platforms, and software we custom-create for you. You’ll have custom API access to any outside platform your company is using so that it integrates flawlessly with all your systems.

2. Reliability

Our platforms are hosted on multiple servers throughout the country 24/7/365. This allows us to have multiple redundancies in case of national disasters or regional emergencies prompting local and facility failures. MalcaCorp holds a 99.9% connectivity to guarantee flawless communications for each client.

3. Security

We design all custom software with the highest industry standards with a laser focus on design, increased usability on all platforms, and software we custom-create for you. You’ll have custom API access to any outside platform your company is using so that it integrates flawlessly with all your systemsCustomer information is vital to business, and hosting in the cloud is no longer an option. Our platform provides physical and logical system segregation.
In healthcare industries, we provide HIPAA compliant software solutions and certified environments to coordinate with data centers. We also provide PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) for all your customer transactions.

4. Expertise & Insight

Our dedicated in-house development engineers, graphic designers, and custom-designed software are created to meet your brand needs. We also utilize focus grouping and testing of all software before launch to make sure all software and systems are thoroughly beta-tested.

5. Transparency

We offer secure-user visibility, central control, accountability, and tracking. By monitoring point-to-point feedback between you and your customers you experience increased loyalty, spend, and satisfaction. Our project managers are dedicated to your success.

6. Compliance

MalcaCorp maintains all the following: HIPAA compliant software. Standard industry AES 256 encryption as well as regulatory consent and compliance standards.

7. Results

Our goal is to increase your revenue, customer experience, and help you grow your customer base while automating your company and lowering overhead and cost to you every step of the way.

8. Benefits

Dramatic revenue increase, lower labor costs, higher customer satisfaction, increased ease of operation, along with lowered liability and enhanced profits.

The Top 7 Industries We Are Currently Servicing:

Here are the seven (7) industries we currently service with CRM and ERP systems and customized software design.

These are the most automated industries in the world that utilize enterprise-grade technology to automate and streamline procedures. This helps to make your data a key tool for all your important business decisions.


Almost all U.S. telecommunication carriers deliver their communications through customized software for the best customer experience platform. Our customized software and designs strategically unify communications for different lines of business and divisions to deliver a brand experience with a lower frequency of touch. Now that telcos are marketing triple plays combining connectivity with texting, emailing, and calling, presenting a unified brand becomes even more important. We manage and personalize every form of customer interaction and transaction, inbound and outbound, across the life cycle of the relationship from new customer activation to on-site service to collections.


Insurance carriers across the U.S. use automated proactive applications to interact with both consumers and agents. Consumers are empowered to self-serve in a conversational manner to make appointments, pay premiums, complete an application, or request that a mobile app is delivered to their handset. The results are lower contact costs, reduced effort, and increased revenue. Our platforms deliver document management solutions, inhouse e-signature, and docusign-style solutions to facilitate seamless policy verification and automation that lowers cost and increases revenue.


The utility industries of electricity, wind, solar, water, coal, petroleum, and natural gas are undergoing a dramatic transformation to meet consumer expectations for a more personalized approach to product delivery and customer service. We provide user-friendly consumer and industrial interfaces for renewables to facilitate ease of access and a more user-friendly customer acceptance. Consumers expect to interact with their utility in the same digitally advanced manner as they do with their bank, phone, and cable providers. Our automated platform keeps your customers informed about power outages, scheduled maintenance of the local grids, and natural disasters to optimally transform your customer experience through real-time communications.


Our proprietary applications serve healthcare providers, pharmacies, and manufacturers while preserving the privacy and security of patient records, improve patient relationships, reduce administrative costs, and maintain confidentiality. All of our custom software for the healthcare industry is HIPAA compliant and meets the highest standards and regulatory guidelines. We can automate texting and emailing systems to remind patients of their medical appointments. Our platform keeps your community informed and up-to-date with the most relevant issues in medical research and therapies.


More than half of the largest U.S. banks use customized software to differentiate themselves as market leaders by offering personalized applications and alerts. New studies prove that ease-of-use, proactive helpfulness, and reduced customer effort correlate directly to loyalty and spending. We also provide PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) for all customer transactions.

E-Commerce & Retail

We offer systems that allow you to track your customers and remarket to them through social media like Facebook and Instagram. Our customer platform also allows you to market directly to your customers through texting, emailing, and automated calling. We build beautiful custom e-commerce sites specifically designed to capture customer data for conversions and expanded market reach. Our security, ease-of-use, and platform management allow each customer the privacy and security they need to feel safe when transacting with your company. It also gives each customer a unified view of your brand, reducing both contact costs and customer effort.


Consumers want their entertainment and information on any screen, on any device, anytime. The lines have blurred between Cable MSO’s, satellite TV, telcos and internet providers all competing for the “Anywhere” customer. In this environment unifying your brand and creating a better customer experience becomes mission-critical.

With Customized Software You can:

  • Personalize and automate your customer relationships and marketing promotions to reduce churn and increase revenue-per-customer
  • Reduce your workforce and increase efficiency in everything you do with your customer and your staff.
  • Take on more customers, cross-sell and trade-up customers to new tiers or packages. It also reduces your contact and operations costs.

Our Clients

In Conclusion

Can customized software designed to your exact needs ─ with automated and engaging applications help you get more done with less effort? We think so. In fact, our results and customer feedback prove this to be true.

Each day we support thousands of interactions and transactions to our clients’ platforms and websites to inform, enroll, educate, transact, and confirm.

Along the way, we’re saving our clients money, increasing customer revenue while creating more satisfied and loyal customers every day.

If you are the CEO, IT, or a member of the board of a thriving company and see the value that automated customer experience platform automation can bring to your company, please call me directly at the number below. You can also email me at

Call me directly at: 954-284-5523

Tell me where you saw this announcement and that you want to make a phone appointment to discuss how we can develop a custom platform to meet your business needs and increase your revenue through customized automation.


Steven Malca

P.S. The biggest advantage of doing business in the 21st century is that you can now automate almost every function of your business to reduce staff and increase productivity on the frontend and backend of your operations. This is what MalcaCorp can do for you. Call today!